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Search for the meaning of words and translate them into other languages
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Search for words in an offline dictionary and translate the added words to other languages. Supports enhancing the database with other dictionaries mostly for English, French and Spanish languages. The dictionaries are available for editing in case something is missing.

Freelang Dictionary is a handy application that lets you translate words among a large variety of languages. Besides the “dictionary” function that lets you see what is the written equivalent of a word in another language, this powerful program also offers you the possibility to create practice lists containing words of your choice, and then practice using these lists. As you can see, Freelang Dictionary is not only a simple word translation tool but actually a reliable language learning software.

The best thing about Freelang Dictionary is that it offers unparalleled flexibility as the application itself doesn’t contain any dictionary, instead it allows you to download and install any wordlist, of any language, and use it with it. All wordlists are bilingual (from/to English) and other language combinations are also supported. Furthermore, there are word lists for a huge number of languages, from the widely-spoken ones to rarely-used ones. No less than 267 wordlists (languages) were supported last time I checked.

Freelang Dictionary is also easy-to-use. Its interface is neat, straightforward and intuitive even for beginners.

The only thing that I felt this application is missing is the support for providing the voice pronunciation for the displayed words. Without actually being able to hear the words too, the learning part gets to be quite ineffective as well.

Anyway, for a free tool, Freelang Dictionary is surely offering a lot of great benefits and cool features. In my opinion, though it still has some obvious flaws, it’s still worth a try.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Supports a huge number of word lists
  • Free
  • Includes practice features


  • Lacks support for voice pronunciation
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